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PlantPicks is a one-person company that creates planting plans by listening to you and designing only the space you need. I charge by the square foot, not by time. Whether you know plants or not, I can help. Whether or not you have ideas about your outdoor space design, I can help.

I began my horticultural training at Merritt College in Oakland, California and then completed it with the Environmental Horticulture program at Lake Washington Technical Institute in Kirkland, Washington. I’ve been designing landscapes since 2000; and for 7 years installed the landscapes I designed. I understand plants, proper installation, and landscape construction. I can read plans and I create them in AutoCAD.

When you walk into a nursery or plant store, do you feel anxious? I get that. There are hundreds of plants in front of you but you need plants, for example, for a shaded area with a slight slope. You may see this as a problem space, but I see it as a fantastic woodland garden. And, I can’t wait to get started!

Do you wonder why a plant’s leaves are yellowing and dropping off? Are you worried that it might spread to other plants in your landscape? I can help you with a consultation to nail down what the problem is and come up with a solution in a consultation. I love helping a plant get back on its feet!

When you hire someone to consult with you, are you interrupted by the representative you’ve hired? That person is jumping ahead. He thinks he knows what your question is before you finish it, and he gives you a canned answer based on what he thinks you might ask. I value our time together and see it as an opportunity to know you better and thereby give you exactly what you want.

Do you need drought-tolerant plants? I started my horticultural education in California. Over the years I’ve accumulated a list of plants are truly drought-tolerant for our area in the hot summer months but will still survive and thrive in our wet winter months. These plants are special.

I work by listening to your concerns and addressing them in one-on-one meetings with you. Because I charge by the square foot, there is no charge for the time it takes to get the landscape look the way you  want it. I go home and work; I’m not watching the clock.

My planting plans cost a dollar per square foot. Please see my Services page for the process. If your yard is small enough, for the price of a consultation I can draw a plan for you during the consultation.

I want to see your landscape succeed. I take the time to listen to your concerns, become familiar with the space and cultural conditions of the site and then plant with your needs in mind.

After your consultation, I’ll put together a planting plan for the square footage you need. You dollars buy you: the paper and PDF of the plan, the PDF of the Plant Palette, and the plan review sessions and hand-off of the master plan.

I have an offer for you: if you lead me to a working referral, I’ll send you a check for 20% of your bill upon completing your referral’s project.

All designs are custom, which is why I value our time together. I have a list of installers I share–you will not be left without licensed installers. I am licensed. WA State Lic# 602065433. See my Projects page for examples of my work and send me an email with “Free Consultation” in the subject line! Let’s get started!

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